Let Them Teach… And YOU Shall Learn

Getting into my major project has been like prepping for a major paint job…  I have changed paint colors so many times, and there are so many little things that I have needed to do to get this project off of the ground… but each little job needed to be completed before I could actually get things started. Alas, it’s happening and we are ready for take off!!!



For those of you who have followed my major project journey so far, you can keep on keeping’ on and read on ahead. For those of you who are just stopping in, you may want to deviate over here first, to catch up on my latest plan!

This week we have been encouraged to take some time to reflect on our projects and their connections to Ribble’s Nine Elements. When I think about my project, 3 main elements come to mind.

First, Digital Literacy. This is the process of teaching and learning about technology and its uses. I have now got my “coding club” established. I sent out an email to the teaching staff looking for techy students or ones that were familiar and possibly interested in code.  What did I get? 7 staff identified students who either have a passion for technology or whom have tinkered with coding in the past. YES!!! Step one… check. Step two… the meeting. We had our initial meeting where I explained my purpose for the club to the students. I shared with them that I know nothing about coding, but that I think it is an important area within the digital world that I “should” know about. I explained that my goal would be to learn from them and to collaborate together by coding, to see what they could teach me and to see what we could create when given the green light to go for it! I believe that by working with this group, we will all advance quickly and appropriately in the ever evolving world of coding,

While embarking on this project, we will also address Ribble’s fifth element, Digital Etiquette. While I may not know all of the processes of coding at this point, I am confident that through the exploration that I will do alongside my Coding Club, we will encounter opportunities to reinforce how technology is to be used and what qualifies as appropriate. I intend on working with these students, demonstrating confidence in them,  that they know what is appropriate, allowing them to be trusted that they will code with caution and within the parameters that we will set out together.

Finally, I am curious about Ribble’s ninth element, Digital Security. We’ve all watched the movies as heroins save the world by putting the right code, into the right computer, at the last second, saving the world… and usually saving the girl too. Well, I don’t anticipate that this will be the case with my kiddos, however, I am looking forward to understanding further connections between coding and digital security. I believe that some pretty amazing things can be done through code, and I look forward to being exposed to what this includes.  I am looking forward to making connections on a very elementary level between coding and digital security. For us, this may simply include understanding how to keep our projects safe, how to back up data, and ensure that projects are stored appropriately when using school devices on a public server.



And that is where I am at. I am enjoying this project as it unravels. I meet with my coders Tuesday at lunch for an hour. I can’t wait to see how Day 1 goes! In the mean time, I’m off to Youtube, to find a video or two on the simpler side of coding…. so that I start to wrap my head around what’s coming Tuesday!

I’ll leave you with this question. Have you used coding in your classroom / school? If so, how did you incorporate it, and what words of advice would you leave me with! Thanks for popping by!



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