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After much thought and deliberation I have decided to jump ship on both of my previous major project ideas…. something about both just wasn’t doing it for me. For the “Teen Apps for Parent Dummies” proposal, I started to jump in, and I came across two hurdles. First, I wasn’t comfortable having these apps on my phone at all… and secondly, I felt like a creeper just downloading the app onto my phone. What would it look like if I used it (even though it was professional growth and development)… it just wasn’t sitting right. I knew that I could still achieve a digital awareness of these apps youth today are using, but I didn’t feel that learning about them, just through research, would give me the understanding I was looking for. So, final verdict. NOT HAPPENING.

Second up….. Alexa in the classroom. Well this one was just plain and simple. I’m already using Alexa in the classroom…. and although I’m likely not using it to it’s full potential, I felt that I would be cheating myself of the “full experience” by tackling this one…. So, second verdict. NOT HAPPENING.

Alas, after many hours of thinking, rethinking, and a bit more thinking, I came up with something I have been curious about for ages. Coding. What is it? I don’t really know. Can it be used personally as well as educationally? From what I understand yes… but again, I really don’t know much! What better time and place to tackle figuring out coding, then now! So here it is. I’m on a mission to code! What does that mean? Not sure! Where will I end up? Dunno. But I’m excited! Like really excited!

My journey? Hmmm ….I am going to kick off this project by researching what coding is. Once I have a better understanding of it, I plan to research a few ways that I can begin to code, and I am going to try to code something, or create something by code…. or do whatever it is that one does when they are coding. Like I said, I am shooting in the dark here into unchartered waters…… oh it excites me!!! For those of you who know me, I’m sure you can picture that look I get… (insert it here!! )

How will I document this journey? I will use the 832 Major Project category to document the progress I am making in this area. I plan to share this growth through Vlogs, blog posts, and maybe even a few Screencastifies. The final product will be a documentation of my growth along with whatever I learn about coding. I also understand that the school division that I work for has some neat “coding” resources to use with kids. I plan to get in the know enough that I can begin to use this coding for future learning in the classroom or for an extra-curricular learning opportunity with students!

Here’s to heading out in a boat that I have no idea how to sail! I kind of feel like Moana at the moment… Hopefully I have better luck!


5 thoughts on “Talk {code} to Me!

  1. I know we had one gal tackle some coding in our last class! Super rewarding but I know she had some struggles as it’s a whole different language. 😀 I’m curious to see how you will utilize the skills you gain in our class with your kids or personally. What a cool thing to look into. Good luck!


  2. I admire the fact that you are heading out into unchartered waters to challenge yourself and to try something new. I always find that the first steps are the scariest, but it’s best to just jump in and do it. Good luck with your new adventure!


    1. Thanks Staci! I spent this week getting my feet wet and networking with colleagues to find out which students in the school might be interested in coding alongside me for the next few months… and to my surprise, we have a few very literate coders in my school (Staff and students)… I think asking students to code and teach me code will be a great place to start! Thanks for the well wishes!


    2. Hey Carter,
      Yes I do have one in my class at the moment. She is having some techy issues this year in my new school with hooking up to the board wifi…. but when the wifi is cooperating, it is an amazing tool to use. I use her for games (math), teaching questioning skills (she’ll play the animal game), calming music for those who need (it has a timer option), and even researching skills for my non-readers. You can ask her any facts and she will respond. It has also been used as an incentive for those needing something to push them to follow class routines… they can have a full blown conversation with her if that is the intention. They get very excited about getting to talk to our class robot. I always have the kids introduce their parents to our class robot at conferences, and they have always been excited about the ed uses of it as well! 🙂


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