Major Project Indecisiveness

So this post is intended to be my announcement to everyone about what I am going to do for my major project…. and well, until a post was made about the use of Alexa and its privacy risks, I was gung ho on my initial plan. Now I’m stuck trying to commit…. and I just can’t decide.


So I am going to allow myself one more week to get my hands a bit dirty by looking into both projects…

Project 1 Option:

Through our class and talking with teenage offspring of friends, I would like to collect a list of the sneakiest, riskiest apps that are being used today. With this info, I’d like to create a top 5 or 10 list (unsure on the number depending on how deep I look into each) of Apps to be aware of… “Teen Apps for Parent Dummies” type of deal. However, rather than warning parents against letting their children use these Apps, I’d like to find ways to help teens navigate apps more cautiously (maybe having them create their own criteria for when they choose to use the app or not) and then also provide parents some tips for how to help their children to utilize the apps on their phones safely while understanding the risks.
I would create a reflective blog trail of my findings as I moved forward with this, with my final project being a newscast that demonstrates the apps and educates users/parents.
Project Option 2:
After sharing that I use Alexa in my classroom at a basic educational level, colleagues encouraged my to delve deeper into 2 areas. 1- “the privacy/ security factors to consider when using Alexa in the classroom”. 2 – “What the top educational uses for Alexa are”. with student participation permission, I would prepare mini videos of how these Ed. Apps are used effectively in the classroom. I would create a mini interactive online notebook that lists and demonstrates what the best different apps are, as well as a document providing safety and privacy support for classrooms when they use Alexa.
I would love your feedback! I will try to sleep on this a bit longer and will update everyone about my decision!
I am loving what everyone else has decided to do for their major projects! I can’t wait to get mine started as well!
See you tomorrow in Zoom!

7 thoughts on “Major Project Indecisiveness

  1. First off, I absolutely love the look of your blog, Danielle! When I read your slogan, I can actually hear you saying something like this, which makes your overall theme so authentic! Both of your project ideas sound quite intriguing. The “risky apps” idea is a great one, especially because there are so many apps out there right now that mirror popular adult-like applications while attempting to draw in a younger crowd. With this being said, your Alexa idea is also a great one. You are the first teacher that I know of that has used one in their classroom (as I mentioned before) and I would be equally as curious to learn more about the safety aspect of its use. I will definitely be following either journey that you choose as these are both fantastic project ideas!


    1. Awe! Thanks Brittany! Yep, I made this blog when Kira was 4 months old… and the struggle was REAL!!! haha I thought about updating things a bit but I feel like my blog look and catch phrase are both still “my life”! haha (here I am doing my blog replies at 6am!- POWER HOUR!!)

      I’ll pop on over to your blog and see how yours turned out!

      As for my project ideas… I think I am steering toward doing the risky APP one, mostly because it is an area I feel digitally illiterate in, whereas I have used Alexa in my class a bit, so I do have some understanding of how that works… I’ll keep you posted! Thanks for taking the time to read my blog!


  2. These are both great options. I don’t know much about Alexa, but I think it would be very interesting to use it in the classroom. I also think your “Teen Apps for Parent Dummies” would be so helpful to so many parents. I love that you want to go more of a teaching how to navigate versus scaring tactic type approach to reviewing the apps.


    1. Yeah, I’m nervous as a parent of two little ones what the digital world will be like for them as they grow into being independent in this ever-changing world. I am hoping that if I take the time to become technologically literate in an area I feel overwhelmed by, then maybe I can help them to navigate their choices wisely when they get there. The scare tactic seems like it will just close communication, which I think is the last thing we as parents want! Thanks for reading my post! 🙂


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