Who’s Who in this eduZoo…

Hey everyone! My name is Danielle and I’m very excited to be here! This is my fourth course towards my master in Ed. Admin. It is also my first online course, and I’m pretty excited about that. If you really want to know why I’m excited about taking an online course, make sure you read right to the end to find out!!

Although I am currently on maternity leave, I began this school year teaching at the AWESOME Walker Elementary School! It has been an adventurous 12 years of teaching for me so far! I’ve been fortunate to teach in a few different places. I started off my teaching career in Regina back in 2004 at Glen Elm Community School. Next, I ventured off to teach in the beautiful Puerto Vallarta, Mexico at Colegio Vancouver (an awesome Canadian-Mexican School). Next up, was Escuela Dalhousie, an international Spanish academy with Calgary Public. This was followed by an international school in Valencia, Spain, where I meanwhile got hit by cupids arrow and somehow found my way back here to Regina. And, well, 1 husband and 2 kids later, I find myself here…. sleep deprived, a few grey hairs wiser, and well, happy as can be to be right where I am, right now…. It’s been quite the journey getting here. And like Pete the Cat says, “it’s all good”!

My family is numero uno for me. I have a pretty awesome husband, who keeps me in line (or tries), a 3 year old who is as witty and ‘spicy’ as they come, and a newbie. That would be Kira. She was born a painful 8 long days overdue this past January….and came racing into the world at such a pace (in attempt to make up for her tardiness), I nearly had her… IN. MY. CAR!!!! That’s right. We’re working on the timing of things these days.

I’ve been a recreational travel blogger since teaching in Mexico, back in 2005. My travels have created some pretty great memories, so I’m glad I have an “online journal” of sorts to look back on (check it out!!). Since beginning to blog, I’ve extended my techy powers to include using as much technology as possible, that will fit meaningfully in the primary classroom. I’ve established some great connections with parents using a class blog (at my last school & current one), Class Dojo, Remind Broadcasting for parents, and the good ole Smartboard in the classroom. Let’s not forget the tried and true use of laptops and iPads in the classroom either. I’m looking forward to seeing how I feel about the use of technology in the classroom following the debates!

Alright, now for the reveal….this is why online courses work for me….

I can be a mom, a “good mom”, wash my hair (but leave it undone) and rock my kiddo to sleep, while “using my iPhone” to get my course work done. I can do my work in manageable pieces, at all hours of the night (watch for my late night comments on your blogs peeps!), while hanging out with my 3 month old night owl! My kids get mom, and I get my education. Win win!! I’d love to hear why online courses appeal to many of you!! Leave me a comment and share some of your wisdom!! photo credit (me)!

I’m looking forward to learning with everyone, and extending my knowledge beyond Hyperstudio with Alec and Katia this semester!

Thanks for reading!

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24 thoughts on “Who’s Who in this eduZoo…

  1. I must admit the title caught my attention! I’m also a huge fan of Pete The Cat and even thought about doing something Pete related for my end project….haha. My reason for joining online is the same as yours. Looking forward to learning with you!


    1. I think you made my first daughter the cutest little booties… You are Brit’s friend right? Congrats on your little peanut too!! 🙂


  2. I also love rocking the towel hair/pajama pants combo. Definitely a highlight of taking online classes. I wish I had the excuse of a newborn though! I’m just lazy. You rock super Mom!

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  3. Hi Danielle,

    Great to meet you! Can’t wait to learn from your experiences, sounds like a very interesting journey:) My draw to online classes is that I’m two hours north east of Saskatoon in Tisdale which makes it more challenging to get to classes on campus. So the appeal of the ETAD program has been that I could complete it online:) Like you said – you can connect in when it works for you and that’s important for me. I work full time and have a young daughter so flexibility is key. I do miss the face to face conversations and actually meeting real live people;) The best part is the amazing online network of people that you meet through our your masters journey and because they are online you can stay connected. One of the big highlights for me is going to a conference and meeting people that I know online in person 🙂


    1. I totally agree that true face to face is nice, but what a great option for a spring course hey?!! Good for you for tackling your masters from Tisdale! That’s awesome!! I look forward to the rest of the semester with you!! 👍🏼

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  4. Great blog entry! I defiantly enjoy the flexibility of the online courses as well. I am actually 5 months pregnant and attempting to prepare for the busy mom life. Weird side note, I recognize your beautiful face from pictures that your sis Jocelyn had posted. I interned with Jocelyn long ago and I can’t wait for her to snap some pics of my little baby boy. Chat soon.


    1. Congrats!! That is very exciting!! I’m sure you’ll be happy to have one more course finished by the time it’s baby time!!

      And what a small world hey?! I’m glad you mentioned something. In pretty blessed to have Jocelyn as my sister. I think she’s pretty talented!!!

      Good luck with the last few months!


  5. Hi Danielle – Master Moms Unite 🙂 I don’t have a 3 month old though, my children are ‘big’ (8 and 4) and they sleep relatively well (except on weekends, when they seem to go to bed late, and wake up early). However, I will totally agree that online classes allow for a certain flexibility in the hours you are able to get work done- which is very helpful with chaotic schedules! Additionally, I will confess, that during most of our Zoom sessions you will see me in my comfiest clothes, post gym shower!

    Great to be learning with you this semester!


  6. Hello Danielle, great blog post! This is my first master’s class and I too am excited to try an online course for some of the same reasons you mentioned. I am married with 3 kids and simply having to log on to the computer instead of driving all the way to the university will allow me to much more productive with my time. Good luck this semester!


  7. Haha I have to intrude on this convo- we had Ottenbreit sausage for lunch (or as I grew up calling it, Grayson sausage)! Always looked forward to visiting my grandparents so we could enjoy “Grayson sausage” 😆


  8. Sounds like you have a lot of unique teaching experience! I am heading to your travel journal to live vicariously through your experiences haha. I love to travel and can’t get enough of it…if only I had the time and money to satisfy those desires 🙂


    1. A few adventures for sure… I wish I had a few more in store, but grad studies is as exciting as it gets these days!! Lol thanks for reading (and checking out my blog…those may have been a few of my “wilder” days!! Haha)


  9. Hey Mumma! Good for you on taking classes while on mat leave. I got my acceptance letter for grad studies, the same week that I found out I was pregnant with my daughter, who would be a whopping 17 months behind my son! I am now on class number 8, and my daughter is 18 months old and my son is 2 (almost 3). I will be your biggest cheerleader for continuing your education while juggling little people. It is so hard and exhausting, but so worth it.


    1. Awe!!!! That is amazing!!! Good for you! You’re almost there! I bet you’re excited to be done! Thanks for the words of encouragement! I’m super happy to be here!!


  10. Hey Danielle,

    Just perusing through blogs and the teaching in Valencia thing caught my eye. I think we might have met there at K&D’s. Small world. See you on Tuesday!



    1. What a small world! Ha ha! Yes, we have most definitely met before…k&d were basically my neighbours down there and we worked at the same school! That’s crazy! I’m glad you said something! Come to think of it, did we all go to a Flamenco show one night???


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